BOSQUEJO: A Handcrafted Creations of a GENIUS

I stumbled upon a picture of a VERY fashionable lad in Facebook and automatically clicked it and browsed some of his photos. When I found out that he has a LOOKBOOK account, it was a no-brainer, I had to see all of his looks! The guy I am referring to is no other than, Miguel Paolo Celestial. A 30 year old blogger, writer, designer from Manila, who DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HIS AGE!

When I was browsing through his LOOKS on LookBook, my attention was caught by the adornment around his neck.

Little did I know, Miguel Paolo Celestial was the one who painstakingly handcrafted this gem of a neck piece! 

BOSQUEJO, as it is named, is his brainchild. “Bosquejo” is the Spanish word for Sketch, Outline, Draft. The name was initially used for his mens wear blog El Bosquejo , which served as his online diary, which features his daily looks and everything about Men’s Fashion.

Miguel, being the man of art that he is, made accessories all for himself, using materials that usually wouldn’t be worn as an accessory. Take stuff from the hardware for example. Through his blog and LookBook account, the public seemed to grow fond over his accessories. This convinced Miguel to produce his one-of-a-kind masterpieces commercially.

His pieces, through time and word-of-mouth, became ubiquitous. Appearing in several fashion blogs and publications.

Bosquejo even caught Rajo Laurel’s liking, allowing several pieces to be sold his creations.

I am such a big fan of his SACRE Collection, it was an homage to the “gods” that we believe in. He created it in a way that the pieces wouldn’t look “churchy” or something ONLY a Priest and a Nun would wear. here are some of his collection off SACRE:

A peek on his HARDWARE Collection:

his AZUL Collection:

DJINN Collection:

this is my favorite off his Djinn collection:

Steel Bard

FELINE Collection:

NUNCA Collection:

Blair Waldorf would be happy!

SAND Collection:

It quite obvious what my favorites are! haha

I CAN’T WAIT to have my first Bosquejo!

Visit them at:

2/F Greenbelt 5

House of Laurel
6013 Villena corner Mañalac Street
Poblacion, Makati

Alley West, Pub Street Area
Siem Reap, Cambodia





Minutes ago, I made my first post raving about Yakky Borje Balingit’s Miadore S/S 2012 Cult Of Halcyon collection exclusively for House Of Laurel. Now, I can’t help but blog about his MIADORE S/S 2012 : CULT of HALCYON made available online!

I browsed through Yekky’s facebook photos and of his latest collection and not one creation disappoint me. Yekky’s talent never fails to amaze me in the craziest possible ways.

Presenting, my favorite pieces off MIADORE S/S 2012 : CULT of HALCYON

wouldn’t it be nice to have a spin-off of SURVIVOR Philippines? hmmm.. SURVIVOR Phlippines: Celebrity Fashionistas FACE-OFF! and these would be the IMMUNITY NECKLACES.. haha.. well, if I were to be a cast-away to receive this kind of immunity necklace, I wouldn’t give it back!

Dear. Mother. Of. The. Great. GOD!!!!

THIS ONE got me! Simply my FAAAVORITE piece off Miadore S/S 2012 Cult Of Halcyon Collection

Kylie, Madonna, Christina, J.Lo, and Britney would be so happy to see all these!

it wouldn’t be much of a surprise when people see you as a goddess when you wear any one of these chain creations!

and now, RINGS, CUFFS, and EARRINGS from Miadore S/S 2012 Cult Of Halcyon

it’s easy to conclude that Yekky got his inspiration from the Aztec Civilization. The influence from the Aztec Civilization and his use of modern materials is a recipe for a sure-fire hit collection! I loved every single one!

Contact YEKKY:

For Inquiries SMS 0915-868-5958 / Email


It’s been a long time since I last blogged. I’ve been pretty busy with work and reviewing for the board exams.

So, I was browsing Facebook a little while ago and stumbled upon an update on my Facebook feeds. A transparent neon box caught my attention. It was from the great  Yekky Borje Balingit of Miadore.

So, this is the picture i was talking about..

It reminded me of the box jeepney drivers use to place their coins. Don’t get me wrong! That was not an insult. I was in awe of just how much talent Yekky has. he inhales art, he exhales art. And this is what we get. EDGY. COLORFUL. FUN. Three words that first came to my mind when I saw his designs exclusively for Rajo Laurel’s House Of Laurel.

Here are some of his WORK OF ART..

(Fashionistas, tame yourselves! - hahahaha)

CUFFS for House Of Laurel

My favorites are the NEON GREEN and the COBALT BLUE Cuffs.

Now, I suggest all Fashionistas to check their Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and whatever!! ‘coz the following pictures will surely take your freakin’ breath away!

NECK PIECES for House Of Laurel

this one’s my FAVORITE!!! It is to die for!!

OH MAH GAH!!! I can see myself wearing this over a simple white tee and be just FAB-UH-LOUS!!

these are Yekky’s POP EARRINGS for House Of Laurel

THIS, i REEEEALLY wanna get one for my sister!


For Inquiries SMS 0915-868-5958 / Email


Green Coffee: The NEXT Big Thing

not too long ago, Philippines’ love affair with coffee struck Davao. Upon the establishment of the (first) coffee shop in Davao, a lot of entrepreneurs followed suit.

fast forward to the present time… .

Coffee Shops - still a booming business, Starbucks was introduced to Davaoenos. Davaoenos flocked the establishment like mad dogs, but few weeks later, number subsided.

then came, GREEN COFFEE.

not to be considered a minor player in the Coffee Shop business industry, Green Coffee boasts itself as the FIRST (if not the only) AIR-CONDITIONED Coffee Shop Garden..

Green Coffee is situated at Torres St., Davao City, and is brewing 24/7. peroving that Green Coffee is Davao’s “pride” when it comes to Coffee, just recently, Manila got a taste of GREEN COFFEE when it opened it’s FIRST Manila Branch, located at Tomas Morato, QC.

what makes GREEN COFFEE so different from other coffee shops brewing in the Philippines? It is it’s GENIUS idea of introducing a new addition to their menu ONE AT A TIME. it gives people something to look forward to.

just recently (January 6), they launched their newest addition: Milk Tea w/ Rock Salt & Cheese.

we had Coffee Jelly and Milk Tea w/ RSC (RSC = Rock Salt & Cheese)

i LOOOOOOVE their Milk Tea w/ RSC!! it was like an homage to the Tea Houses that came before them. it reminded me of Serenitea + Happy Lemon.

i Loved it sooooo much, that i just had to order it again.

now on my 2nd serving of MILK TEA w/ RSC!

Green Coffee does not only promise GREAT TASTING COFFEE and TEA, they also serve desserts. such as their infamous, Blueberry Ensaymada.

with my busy schedule, the next best thing along with SLEEPING is being at Green Coffee. it’s cozy ambiance is so relaxing and takes off the worries and stress bombarding your mind.

be sure to visit GREEN COFFEE on the following dates as they introduce something new and exciting addition to their menu!

February 1 - Chocolate w/ Rock Salt & Cheese

February 15 - Green Tea w/ Rock Salt & Cheese

March 1 - Dark Mocha w/ Rock Salt & Cheese

'til next time! :)

xoxo, D.


I have ALWAYS loved burgers and FOREVER will be a big fan. 

there are two types of burgers: #1 - A Burger. and #2 - A GOOD BURGER.

now, having said that, I personally think that GOOD BURGERS aren’t the ones sold at McDonald’s or it’s mortal enemy, the big fat bee, JOLLIBEE!

Living in Davao means not having a lot of choices as to where to satisfy my craving for a GOOD BURGER. - always been a problem!!


INTRODUCING Davao’s very own, Gino’s Burger!

the quaint burger joint is conveniently located at Sta. Ana ext., Davao City. it’s near Sta. Ana Church, Holy Cross of Davao College, San Pedro College, and Gaisano Mall Of Davao.

it’s simple set-up makes people not intimidated to try out their burgers and it actually boosts the burger joint’s popularity as a “simple burger joint that serves great burgers”.

their menu:

we had STUFFED BURGER, one of their BEST-SELLERS. and Regular Burger.


- it’s soooooo delicious! it actually reminds me of IN n OUT Burger, a famous burger joint in California. WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT is that it’s patty actually has bacon in it. the bacon is stuffed inside the patty.


- it’s a value for your money! don’t let the word “regular” fool you! people’s mindset is: when we say regular burger, it has nothing but a regular patty and bun. but this has everything you want! it has cheese, onions, lettuce…. for just 80pesos! GREAT BUY!

how it’s made:

one thing that’s great about Gino’s Burger is that their patties are not frozen! it’s freshly made upon order. which ensures that customers’ only get the best!

COME and TRY Gino’s BURGER - - - - - NOW! :)

Gino’s Burger is comparable to IN n OUT Burger in California:

'til next time! :)

xoxo, D.


let it be made known, that this is the MOST FAMOUS LOCATION FOR KPOP VIDEOS..




U-Kiss (0330 MV)

Teen Top (No More Perfume On You MV)

2PM (2012 Calendar Shoot)

BEHIND-THE-SCENES on 2PM’s 2012 Calendar shoot

the guys showing their romantic sides

Taec looks soooo gentle and charming :)

have you seen Junsu look this gooooood?? :) #goodthing

Wooyoung looks a little bored… hahahaha

is it just me or does Junho really look chubbier these days??

i hate the cameraman and editor for this blurry shot of Chansung!!!! he’s my favorite!!!

Nickhun looks sooooo innocent… sooooo young…. i just wanna bring him home and take care of him :)) hahaha









i am speechless when I have to talk about Chansung :)

he’s a good balance between BRUSQUE and GENTLE.. :)

i cant help but adore Taecyeon when he looks a bit on the soft side :)

I. WANT. Nichkhun :)

Wooyoung flashes his pearly whites :) good thing that he’s in a far different mood than his first shot :)

these photos are just sooooo funny! Taecyeon was goofing around and doing “aegyo” looks which freaked out Chansung.. :) aaaaawwwwww :)

CHANSUNG is soooooo sexy!!!!

Junho looks soooo cute!

soooo cute to see Nickhun acting like a kid :)

i just died.

one last cute pic

Teen Top TEASER snippets for “Like Crazy”

here are snippets from the 2nd teaser of Teen Top’s “Like Crazy”

are you guys EXCITED for their comeback????????????????? I AM!!!!